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    Discover and consult my pictures archives into Olynea photos : www.olyneaphotos.com

    Members of Studio Hans Lucas : Hans Lucas

    Press Agency distributes my works and photography: MaxPPP



    Friends photographer and website :

    Romain Perrocheau : Sport Photographer ,

    Jean Marc Barrère:Photographer in Auch

    Jérémy Lempin : Photojournalist on Paris

    Émilie Pinsan : Photographer on Paris. 

    News Photographie:  Blog News of photography

    PhotoetMac : Blog photography and Apple

    Petite Bulles D' ailleurs: Blog of diving of Corinne Borbeillon

    Lens New York Times : blog de photojournalism of newspaper New York Times





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    Pictures of travel and tourism og GERS and GASCONY

    Access at news image bank of photography on Gers and Gascony :

    We offer pictures on heritage, cuisine, daily life, the agriculture, festivals, tradition and culture of the South West of France

    You can access at the website address





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