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    I work for the press since my collaboration with " La Dépêche du Midi " newspaper of the PQR since 2001 by producing reports on local news : sports, politics, social issues, entertainment, festival ...

    I work and am represented by photo agencies such as Max PPP and AFP covering various topics politics ( French Presidential Campaign of 2007 and 2012 , traveling ministers , sports ( Rugby World Cup 2007, Six Nations tournament , TOP 14 , PRO D2) social movements and various actuality and international news ( Displacement of Pope Benedict XVI in Lourdes in 2008, NATO Summit in Strasbourg in 2009 and Lisbon in 2010, protest against the storage of nuclear waste to Gorleben (Germany) in 2010, in 2011 Egyptian Revolution in Tahrir Square in Cairo , G20 Summit in Cannes in 2011 or the evacuation of zad Sivens the dam in 2015 .

    All covered stories were published in newspapers and / or magazines in France Paris Match, Le Monde, Libération, Le Figaro,L'Equipe, L'Equipe Mag,L'Humanité, VSD, ELLE, La Croix, Les Echos,Le Parisien, la Voix du Nord, Ouest France, Sud Ouest....

    And the international press : El Mundo, Der Spiegel, The Guardian,The Sunday Times, Newsweek , The L.A Times...

    I collaborated with newspapers , magazines and other photo agencies such as Midi Olympique, Icon sport, Rugby Mag, L'Entreprises .

    You can find all the photos in my archives on the agency Olynea Photos..





    Travel : Discovery southern of Peru


    The archaeological site of the old Inca empire shore of Lake Titicaca, passing at the foot at El Mitsi volcano near the city of Arequipa capital of the conquistadors , the banks of the river Tambopata to the hearts of the Peruvian Amazon : Peru is a fabulous country with a tradition lifestyle and a sublime landscape.

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    Travel : Fauna of east Africa


    Discover the great park wildlife conservation in northern Tanzania on Maasai territory : From Tarangire National Park where hundreds of elephants live in total freedom through the crater N ' Gorongoro natural sanctuary for thousands of animals in the ancient crater of a volcano 264 km ² , browse the great plains of the Serengeti National Park and finish with flamingos in Lake Natron at the foot of Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano..

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    Politic : French campaign of Presidential election in2012

    France :

    Follow the stories on the French campaign for the presidential election in 2012

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    Rugby : VI Nation Italy France

    Roma , Italy : March, 12 th 2011

    Historic games of italians players during a VI nation match on Flaminio Staduim at Roma against France, Italians won 22 a 21 .

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    Italy : Rome Eternal City

    Roma , Italy : March 2011

    Strolling on downtown comteporain up the Roman Forum .

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    Egypt : Al Tahrir, Révolution

    Cairo , Egypt : February 2011

    Demo and riot in Tahrir Square on heart of Cairo betwen a supporter of President Hosni Moubarak and anti moubarak protester .

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    Germany : Anti-Nuclear Demo

    Dannenberg, Gorleben Germany : November 2010

    Anti nuclear demo in Danneberg and Gorleben against a castor transport anst storage of nuclear waste.

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    Social : Réform of pensions

    France : September / November 2010

    Demo against French pensions reform .

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    Music : Jazz In Marciac 2010

    Marciac : August 2010

    Musicians, singers et artists of 33 eme Jazz In Marciac Festival .

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    Dive : Calanques of Marseille

    Marseille : July 2010

    Sélection of submarines pictures .

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    Travel : Laotiens,Laotiennes  

    LAOS October , November, 2006

    Meet of Laotian and Laotian: Those who come in large cities like Luang Prabang or Udomxai but also the small villages along the rivers, paddy fields in the narrow valleys of the mountains of north in the provinces of Udomxai and Phongsali .

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    Travel : Laos, Country of buddhist monks

    Luang Pradang ( Laos) October November, 2006

    Buddhism is one of the major systems of thought and action oriental, born in India in the sixth century BCE. It is based on a triple foundation called the Three Jewels: Buddhists reportedly taking refuge in the Buddha (the founder of Buddhism), the Dharma (the doctrine of the Buddha) and the Saagha (community of Buddhist monks). In Luang Prabang, and the cities have temples every morning around 6 o'clock the monks leave the temple for receive offerings of living that allow them to feed .

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    Sport : World Cup of Rugby2007

    France September October, 2007

    First games of the World Cup rugby taking place in France. The Rugby World Cup is held every four years.

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    Music : Manu Chao  

    Vic Fezensac (Gers) July, 2007

    French singer Manu Chao presents its concert Manu Chao Radio Bemba Sound System "in the arena for the closing of the festival Tempo Latino 2007.

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    Tradition : Course Landaise

    Nogaro (Gers) July, 2007

    Contest of the Golden Horn the spacers of different cuadrillas "ecarteur" the best cows de la temporada in order to elect the best cow of the season .

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    Politics : Presidential Elections 2007   

    Toulouse April, 2007

    Last meeting of the election campaign of Ségolène Royal PS candidate for president in 2007 along with the Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero .

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    Politics : Presidential Elections 2007  

    Toulouse April, 2007

    Meeting electoral UMP candidate, Nicolas SARKOZY to the Presidential Land Jaures. Ten days before the first round of the election.

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    Politics : Presidential Elections 2007   

    Auch March, 2007

    Campaign for the Presidential Election of 2007, Ségolène Royal met the farmers in different sectors and Gers when they marched through the streets of Auch .

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    Politqiue : Presidential Elections 2007   

    Toulouse February, 2007

    Regional Meeting of the collective "Us Bové" to support the candidacy of José Bové in the 2007 presidential election. Candidate's campaign for global justice and the slogan "Another world is on" the exhibition of Toulouse.

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    Economy : Convoy road sections of the Airbus A380

    L' Isle Jourdain (Gers) January, 2007

    In this cold night in January we have an appointment with the entire staff of transportation Capelle convoy carrying a rather exceptional: The convoy of 6 main sections of the Airbus A380 (3 sections of the fuselage (cockpit, central section and back to 60 tons each, the 2 wings heavier 120 tons each and the longest 50 meters in length and the rear parts empenage the highest 10 meters high). Langon This train connects to Cornebarieu near Toulouse, which houses the assembly line Jean-Luc Lagardere, 200 kilometers on the convoy's doorstep ITGG Road (Route to Grand gauge) has been specially equipped to carry out the convoy route in 3 stages at night

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    Social: Child's of Don Quixote

    Toulouse January, 2007

    Winter 2006 - 2007: "THE CHILDREN OF DON QUIXOTE" The association campaigning to draw attention to the homeless; They installed a sixty tents in the center of Toulouse and invite well-housed to sleep next to the poorest.

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    Politics : Presidential Elections 2007   

    Serres Castets (Pyrénées Atlantiques) December, 2006

    François BAYROU President of the Democratic Union of France (UDF) announced his candidacy for the presidential election of 2007 in his native Béarn.

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    Vic Fezensac (Gers) June, 2006

    The feria weekend of Pentecost in Vic Fezensac revived with great festivals South West between feria, tapas and toros. Three days of festivities at Spanish until daybreak.

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    Social : Demonstrate Anti-CPE   

    Auch (Gers) March, 2006

    The reform of the equal opportunities law to help young people find employment (First Employment Contract with a term of 2 years of testing). Adopt a January night in a sparse meeting and vote by 79 members without worrying members absent this evening. The history will remember that 2 months later the deputies of all political parties should be outraged by this law and demanded its withdrawal). As against this law has had the chance to win a great success in the street or the students and the students were enlivening the streets for 2 months.

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    Terroir : Pig Kill in the countryside

    Vic Fezensac (Gers) March, 2006

    The tradition of killing pigs is very active in the south west of France, still winter in our country, they kill the pig fed throughout the year to make canned pasta, sauces and ham ... This enables these people to perpetrate the tradition of having the meat part of year. I've taken a butcher in a family of Gers.

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