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    In order for the service to begin, this appendix must be validated by the signature of the person in charge of the file who commits his company to a payment and an operation in accordance with the quote indicated in the reference above.

    - Execution of the service:

    Any approval delay that is too long will lead to a delay in the delivery date. Any additional service will give rise to an additional quote for confirmation.

    Any dispute concerning the photographs delivered must be confirmed in writing and justified within 48 hours of delivery. Aesthetic criteria, composition or layout cannot be accepted as grounds for complaint and will not be able to justify the refusal of the work, especially if the client or his representative is present during the shooting.

    - Assignment of Rights :

    The communication and use of the photographs are subject to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code and are independent of the rights of third parties to whom the user must apply directly for publication authorisations. Basic print distribution is understood to be limited distribution without purchase of space (brochure, mailing, leaflet, technical file, etc.). Rights are transferred on a negotiated basis, exclusive of tax, plus VAT at the legal rate in force.

    Each use not provided for in this contract will have to be the subject of a new transfer.

    The mention: © Sébastien Lapeyrère is obligatory each time the image is used. (Law N°92-597 of 1st July 1992).

    The photos are not free of rights, please refer to the limits indicated on the invoice. Any other use will have to be the subject of a specific transfer contract. The rights transferred at a fixed price can only have a limited scope. The rights for press and poster advertising are assessed on the basis of the official scale (published in the OJ) of advertising commissions. Any use on advertising or other objects is also excluded. In case of doubt, please contact the author.

    - Liability :

    The photographer cannot be held responsible for the objects entrusted to him for the duration of the shooting. It will be up to the client to take any necessary additional insurance.

    The author does not provide (except exception) any authorization from the persons photographed, the owners of the movable and immovable goods or the authors of works presented on the photographs or their assignees and assignees. It is up to the user of the photographs to obtain these authorizations.

    The user, having the choice of the editorial contents to which he associates the images, refrains from any appeal in guarantee against the author, in the event of complaint, recourse or action in damages or others.

    - Reimbursement of costs :

    Expenses always remaining the responsibility of the broadcaster and in addition to the remuneration of the photographer: Transport and accommodation of goods and people / Remuneration of models and outside contributors.

    - Cancellation of the estimate :

    In case of cancellation of the estimate after acceptance confirmed by an email, a purchase order or any other means:

    The expenses incurred will be charged plus a minimum penalty of 250€ for estimates below 1000€ and 500€ for estimates above 1000€").

    - Terms of payment :

    Comply with the indicated deadline. In accordance with the law, this period can in no case be negotiated beyond 60 days from the date of invoice. Refunds of expenses are the subject of a separate invoice payable in cash (within eight days) from the date of invoice whatever the time allowed for the rest of the service. Penalties for late payment, 12% (doubled for reimbursement of expenses) plus a fixed compensation of 40 € for collection costs. (according to the decree n° 2012-1115 of 2/10/2012)